Another turned down offer!

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I get a phone call from a agent located in Ft Myers this morning. He told me that the property I had an eye on received 6 offers. This property is a foreclosure and has been on the market for a little 6 days!
Of course, my offer was not accepted. The winning bid was above the asking price!
I see it amazingly strange that when you turn your TV on, you see how bad is the Real Estate market all over the network, especially in California and Florida. But so far, it seems that South West Florida is a strong seller’s market, with bidding war on properties and bid going above asking prices. Amazing!
Let’s see if I can get more luck in a near future.

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Let’s roll!

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The decision is taken. We have decided to move back to Florida, and to be more precise, in the Cape Coral area.

As a Real Estate agent, it seems that the market is rebounding, not only due to the foreclosures there, but by the fact that the market has most probably touched bottom. And with all these beautiful properties on the water in Cape Coral, the city will most likely attract lots of investors and homeowners looking for a real bargain.

As a person, I definitely think that Cape Coral has a lot to offer. And after having visited the area before leaving Tennessee, my wife and I have felt in love again with Florida.

So, I’m in process to create a website for my business. I have called it and will add several features that I think can help a potential buyer. I have already add this blog, because I want to share what’s going on in Cape Coral, for the out-of-state folks that may have the desire to move to South West Florida as well.

Stay tune. I’ll add lots of  features in a near future and I’ll keep you updated about every move!

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