Lehigh Acres Duplex Deal

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As you may know by now, I am a Real Estate agent working the field, literally knocking on doors. I’m a man of terrain and spend few little times on my desk.

I found a duplex for sale in Lehigh Acres. It’s a nice newer building with 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms and 2 car garage on each side. I saw also that the owners live in California. As we know, and because of the Real Estate over there, they may need some money. This duplex can be purchased for $60,000! I still need to figure out what can be the rent there, but still, at $500/month each side, you’re looking at a nice 20% return.

I checked the taxes as well, and saw an unbelievable decrease from $3410.95 for 2008 down to $964.79 for 2009!!

Letting the tenant pay for the bill, you may be at an excellent 15% NET return on this one. And if we see a rebound in the Real Estate market, in the US in general, and in Florida in particular, this duplex is definitely a way-to-go.

I’ll say this, let’s put our little money in today’s interesting deals, and so, for the next 3 years, and let’s count our investment on paper by then. My guess is we’ll be very surprised by the increase of our wealth.

What we need to do is act now!

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Lehigh Acres offer

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Well, I did it again.

I saw a nice little house for sale in Lehigh Acres. On a bit more than a half-acre, this little house has been a grow house and all dry walls are of Chinese origin. So I could see it as an investment by redoing the place.

I made it as a comfortable offer but it has not been accepted. Too bad. But not a major thing, so let’s just move on.

I already have an eye on another one actually. There are so many properties for sale there these days.

I’ll begin my new job down there by January, no matter what. It’s about time! :-)

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Some tips to Remember Names and Faces Easily

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If you’ve ever been in the situation where someone walks up to you and starts talking but you can’t put a name to the face – even if you recognize the face in the first place – then you’ll know what we’re talking about here. It’s embarrassing to say the least. Well, we had a meeting at the office where someone was invited to give us some tips to remember our clients’ faces and names, which is important in our Real Estate field. So how to remember names and faces?

Use technology

If you’re on social sites such as Facebook then make sure that your actual friends are in your friends list. Most people put up pictures of themselves and quite often they’re tagged in photos as well. Set aside five minutes a day to give yourself a names and faces refresher course.

Link names and faces

Those old mnemonics you learned in school can come in handy here. Find an easily memorable way of linking names and faces and use that as a reminder for the real names. Some people find this seemingly unnecessary step is all they need to go from being someone who almost instantly forgets names and faces to a person who is one of the best name rememberers on the planet.

Repeat after me…

Most things we learn in life are learned by repetition. Yet we expect to remember someone’s name and face instantly with only the briefest of introductions. You can start by repeating a person’s name straight back to them as soon as you’re introduced – this has the advantage of showing that you listened to them in the first place as well as giving you a chance to correct any mis-hearing of their name. Then repeat their name in your head a few times so long as the conversation isn’t going too fast to prevent you from doing that. And use their name in the conversation if you can fit it in without sounding too stupid.

Don’t bluff

Occasionally, you’ll still forget someone’s name. You then have a few options: bluff your way in the conversation in the vain hope that their name will suddenly spring to mind; quietly ask someone else near by what the name of the person is that you’re talking to or you can confess and say that you’re terribly sorry but you’ve forgotten their name. Of course, that works better at the start of the conversation rather than half an hour into it.


In your mind’s eye, link some of the features of the person’s face to their name. But keep the link in your head – it’s not cool to call someone “big ears” to their face even if that’s how you’ve managed to train your mind to link their facial features to their name.

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