Is IDX working FOR you or AGAINST you?

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I love IDX. Not only it’s a tool I use daily but it looks like my IDX page is bringing more than decent traffic.
I have leads from it every week. I use it to get sellers calling me and I send buyers to use it for search.
It’s very effective. Maybe too much.

Regularly now, I have phone calls from agents. Basically, they call me saying their buyers were surfing the web, got to find my IDX page, made some search and called them with the property details. All they have to do is calling me for more details.
Obviously, my thought is, if you as an agent get to that position, you are not working properly for your clients.
I explain that’s IDX, I’m not necessarily the listing agent, and so on…
Now, some of them, once they get in touch with the real listing agent, they explain that their buyer found it advertised in another agent’s website. And this is when I got the listing’s agent phone call: “You advertise my listing without my authorization, I want you to remove it and I’m emailing your broker because you’re misleading the public saying you’re the listing agent”. That agent has been licensed since 2005, so she’s not new in the business, as I thought she had to be. Plus, we all know that IDX listings always show the famous “Courtesy of [Brokerage's name]“.

So, what gives?
Let’s say you do not what is IDX. Let’s suppose you never heard about it.
Don’t you want to have your listings to be seen in every single Real Estate websites for free? Don’t you want all and any kind of advertising for your listings out there, free of charge?

Of course, I explained that it’s not easy to just remove her listing alone. I sent her an email to apologize but also to explain the benefit of it. Hopefully she’ll get it. It looks to me that more and more agent are working part-time or not at all unless they find a buyer somewhere. Those, I guess, have little continued education and missing few important thing for their career.

Now, fellow Realtors, don’t even think about asking me permission to advertise my Cape Coral listings. Just go ahead. You have not only my authorization, but also my benediction to proceed. Use newspapers, internet, TV ads, put a sign on the moon, hire D. Trump to talk about it, spend millions of dollars to put a banner of my listing with your phone number on every cabs, every cruise ships, every aircrafts, in every cities in the world. Oh, and since you’re at it, try to make my listing in your IDX in bold or, even better, blinking, Las Vegas style. In short, just do it! Because at the end of the day, no matter how was your advertising, I’ll be paid!!

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It’s a NORMAL buyer’s market

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And the keyword “normal” is for the word buyer, not for the word market.

We all know that, except in few areas, this country is facing a buyer’s market. OK. We all got that. But what a potential buyer needs to know is a seller is not going to give it away for nothing. And I’m talking about his or her property.

I have a high percentage of my calls coming from buyers looking for owner financing. Fair enough. There are about 6,000-7,000 homes for sale in Lee county. Only 63 owners are considering helping potential buyers with some kind of financing. So when you call me saying that it’s a buyer’s market, you gonna give $3,000 down on this $600,000 mansion and you will accept no balloon and only an interest rate of 4% and the seller is better to accept your offer because it is a buyer’s market…well…it’s not going to happen.

If you are looking for some kind of owner financing, it’s more likely because you are not qualified for a bank loan. While an owner willing to provide some kind of terms is most likely to have a free and clear property.

So, in the owner financing fields, it’s always a strong seller’s market.

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5 tips you didn’t know when selling your home

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I thought I’ll share 5 tips with you about facing some issues while selling your home.

1) The right sights, smells and sounds.

It is no news flash  that the view of a utilized car lot; stinky foods or animal smells; along with the siren song of a fire station next door might be deal-killers. What may possibly surprise is a few of the right sights, smells and sounds that will support seal the sale of your property. My experience has been – agents, chime in here! – that the more natural stunning sights, smells and sounds are, the more favorably they’ll be received by the largest population of prospective buyers.

For example, playing a soundtrack of classical musical is fine, but will trigger some skeptical buyers to wonder what noises you may be attempting to cover up – particularly if you are in a condo or other potentially thin-walled property where neighbor noise might be an issue. On the other hand, birdsong could be attractive to some buyers. Artificial air fresheners? Not so significantly. The scent of the jasmine or lavender that grows inside your yard? Even allergy victims can appreciate that.

You might be desensitized to the wonderful views of trees, mountains or even water outside your window, but pulling back the curtains so prospective buyers can see for themselves is an absolute should.

House getting is often a multi-sensory encounter – visual staging of the property itself is no longer a plus, it is a ought to. But homes which develop pleasant impressions that fire on all of a buyer’s sensory cylinders surely have the edge on their competition.

2) Your happiness.

Video and even written love letters that extoll all the virtues for which you love your neighbors, your neighborhood and your property are contagious to buyers. I’ve observed sellers aid buyers see their houses through their own loving eyes by posting videos on YouTube and including the link on the listing flyer or even by putting a binder containing a letter plus menus and flyers from their favorite neighborhood restaurants, dry cleaners and other nearby merchants out on the counter during showings.

Wide-open curtains that let light stream in, light and bright paint and decor colors along with other home features that science has proven make residents more happy and functional also produce this thought process in a buyer’s mind: “Hmm, these people appear pleased here. I could be, too.”

Similarly, indicators that you invested a good deal of adore in your home, by keeping it in immaculate order and pristine condition, by tending a well-cared for kitchen garden, lovingly furnishing and creating comfortable (if not overly customizing) your kids’ rooms, all produce the feel that a residence was happily lived in – it’s like staging your property having a life well-lived, not just paint and tile.

3) The freeway or subway you thought was too close.

There’s such a thing as a freeway or elevated train tracks becoming too close to your house; if your location rattles or roars, for instance, every time the train passes, chances any buyer will view that as a selling point are pretty slim. Nevertheless, homebuyer attitudes toward being located near freeways and subways or bus lines are a-changing. Every single upward click of gas costs renders buyers a tiny bit far more interested in a location that is much more commutable.

Where yesteryear’s buyers had been all about the posh exclusivity of far-out suburbia, today’s buyers are more interested in monetary and ecological efficiency and convenience. I’ve never heard so many homebuyers looking to own homes that will enable them to ditch their cars entirely as I’ve in recent years!

What may well once have been seen as too close to the freeway has gotten a brand new spin, lately, as a extremely convenient, commuter-friendly location.

4) Your neighbors.

Most homeowners contemplating selling their homes recognize the significance of well-kept neighboring houses. A lot of a buyer has pulled up to an incredible house, viewed it, and left shaking their head with woe due to the fact they just can’t cotton to getting the place on account of the shoulder-high weeds, car inside the yard or crumbling ruins of the home next door.

On the flip side, your neighbors themselves – not just the houses, but the folks – can in fact aid sell your home. Numerous homeowners know people who need to live in their neck of the woods; this is 1 reason several seasoned real estate experts hold their listings open to neighbors and send out postcards to neighbors announcing the listing – the neighbors might know people who are thinking about your house! Also, neighbors who are out and about chatting with each other, laughing and playing with their children, mowing their lawns or painting their fences, or even who just offer a smile and useful location information to the buyer-to-be they pass on the street can make a extremely favorable impression on prospective buyers.

It is a fantastic notion, if and once you determine to list your residence for sale, to touch base with neighbors you know and let them know; it is in their very best interests to get excellent new neighbors, so they may be able to go the extra mile in showing the neighborhood’s greatest asset – themselves – off to its very best benefit.

5) Your pets.

The New York Times ran a piece a couple of months ago about sweet, well-behaved dogs (and cats!) who reportedly helped sell their owners’ Manhattan apartments. In a departure from the conventional wisdom that dogs need to be removed and every single trace of their presence erased from the residence throughout showings, the post featured numerous buyers and brokers attesting to their belief that the presence of a specific cat or dog “help[ed] sell a property by producing the location appear warmer or more appealing.” And I’m sure you’ve all heard me tell the story of the San Diego buyer who fell in love having a tract house listed at a price higher than all of the nearly identical comparables he’d noticed and wanted to make a full-price provide instantly – so lengthy as the deal included the dog!

Definitely consult together with your agent just before you decide to implement leaving your dog at house for showings as part of your strategy. I’m a dog lover, and could be concerned that someone may inadvertently let 1 of “my girls” out, if I left them there whilst my home was becoming shown; also, would-be buyers or their agents may possibly have allergies your pet could set off. Lately, it appears like I’ve noticed many brokers attempting to capture the very best of both worlds by generating certain that the family pet or even the broker’s own pet is captured in a charming tableau in 1 or 2 of the listing pictures, even if they’re not present at the residence in the course of showings.

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Ten Most Expensive Property For Sale in Cape Coral

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Four out of 10 of the most expensive luxury single family homes publicly listed in the MLS are located in Tarpon Point Marina and all of them in the South of Cape Coral.

The largest  is a 11,772 s/f mansion located on Bayshore Drive and is listed at $5,395,000 or $458.29 per s/f.

The most expensive is a 5,808 s/f property located in the Tarpon Point marina and priced at $5,750,000 or $990.01 per s/f.

Tarpon Point Marina also has the most expensive penthouse in Cape Coral. It’s a 5,296 s/f condo listed at $4,200,000 with a possible owner financing !


1 ) $5,750,000 – 6016 Tarpon Estates Blvd

1) $5,750,000 - 6016  Tarpon Estates Blvd

cape coral top ten most expensive mansion

2 ) $5,395,000 – 358 Bayshore Dr

Top Ten Most Expensive Properties in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Properties in Cape Coral

3 ) $2,950,000 – 6000 Tarpon Estates Blvd

Top Ten Most Expensive Homes in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Homes in Cape Coral

4 ) $2,499,000 – 101 SW 54th St

Cape Coral Top Ten Most Expensive Properties

Cape Coral Top Ten Most Expensive Properties

5 ) $2,495,000 – 5502 Harbour Preserve Cir

Top Ten Most Expensive Mansion in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Mansion in Cape Coral

6 ) $2,400,000 – 4842 SW 29th Ave

Top Ten Most Expensive Real Estate in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Real Estate in Cape Coral

7 ) $2,250,000 – 5229 Nautilus Dr

Top Ten Most Expensive Homes in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Homes in Cape Coral

8 ) $2,250,000 – 6062 Tarpon Estates Blvd

Top Ten Most Expensive Waterfront in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Waterfront in Cape Coral

9 ) $5,250,000 – 6038 Tarpon Estates Blvd

Top Ten Most Expensive Real Estate in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Real Estate in Cape Coral

10 ) $1,999,900 – 1712 SE 44th Ter

Top Ten Most Expensive Properties in Cape Coral

Top Ten Most Expensive Properties in Cape Coral

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