Cape Coral owls

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I know this is nothing to do with Real Estate. But you know how much I love animals. And since I’m in Cape Coral now, I had to tell about the owls.

The burrowing owl is one of Cape Coral’s most remarkable species of wildlife. With one of the largest nesting populations in the state of Florida (and the continued pace of residential development), the City of Cape Coral has a tough challenge ahead to maintain enough habitat to support the burrowing owls.

Cape Coral owls

Aptly named, the owls seems either create new or make use of abandoned burrows to live in and nest. They stand approximately nine inches tall and weigh roughly four ounces. Active both during day and night, they can often be seen either peering out of their burrow or standing atop the small mound of sand over it. It’s truly an amazing scene to watch.

I took the picture above myself, but you may google for better pictures. They are beautiful birds.

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