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virtual staging software

virtual staging software

As a real estate investor, there are several important factors you have to bear in mind when you are planning to improve your business. The most important of these is the best marketing strategy for your investment. In the past, real estate investors relied on some very ineffective methods to market their property. However, today the process has changed with more effective marketing methods emerging everyday. The latest property marketing concept is virtual staging. This process heavily relies on the internet to reach out to the ever-growing online community. Therefore if you have plans of venturing into the lucrative industry of property investment, then you have to learn one or two things about virtual staging.

Let’s face it, it’s way cheaper to stage an empty home using a virtual staging software like this one than renting all the furniture. You can save it on a CD-Rom and give them to your clients and potential buyers.

For starters, you cannot expect your property to sell if it is not easily accessible to your potential buyers. That is why you need effective marketing strategies such as virtual staging to make the property known to the largest number of target buyers. The good thing about virtual staging is that it makes it easier for you to make potential buyers aware of your property. Virtual staging is better than the traditional home staging methods since it does away with the unnecessary expenses incurred in the traditional staging processes. For instance, with virtual staging you do not have to rent furniture for staging because your virtual staging expert will incorporate high quality furniture in the photos of your empty property. What is more, these experts know how to design their photos so that they can look 100 percent real. Most virtual staging companies today use high-end programs to design their images, allowing you to make your house look exceptionally stunning. Consequently, you will have a chance to make the most out of your investment. Remember, most home buyers are interested in homes that promise them luxury and comfort.

Virtual staging makes for great promotion collateral. It is not wise to waste money producing brochures with pictures of an empty property. Virtual staging services will help you make your property look attractive and valuable without any additional cost. Virtually staged homes will always look appealing to the buyer, giving you a chance to sell your property faster and make more profit. Also, virtual staging gives you the liberty to be as creative as you can be in designing your property for promotion. It is very easy to incorporate expensive features in your property so as to entice the buyer.

Obviously, another noteworthy point about virtual staging is the speed with which it allows you to sell your property. The way you promote your property highly determines how fast it will sell. Online virtual staging exposes the property to numerous buyers from different parts of the world, making it easier for you to sell. With virtual staging services, you will be able to create the best impression without incurring extra expenses present in traditional staging methods. Virtual staging is also available for rental properties. You can make your rental properties look expensive by hiring the best virtual staging expert.

Looking for a staging solutions without spending big bucks? Make sure to check this virtual staging solution which a perfect DIY for novice like me.

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Great Real Estate Photographs with virtual staging

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I came across an article about Real Estate photography. And this is something I definitely need to be honest. My photos are taken with a small camera that I can take anywhere with me because of the size of it. It’s not a bad camera since its resolution is 12 megapixels but the photographer – myself! – is not that good.

When I compared those article’s pictures and mine, there is a world of difference. So I’m learning and will train myself for better shots. Here are a list of advices from professional photographers that I need to take in consideration:

  • Take the picture from the corner of the room. That’s usually what I do because I want to most space to be seen on the picture. But as they say, my little camera is a camera for objects and not really made for shooting the space of a room. So I need to use a wide angle lens to do so.
  • Avoid having bright lights or windows near the center of the picture. I can’t help it with my little camera. I always have a bright window in the middle of my picture. Again, a wide angle lens should give me more walls to cover the picture.
  • Set your camera to take the brightest and “cleanest” pictures. Honestly, I will have to test this. I remember I took the brightest pictures and the results was not so good. So testing and practice is key here I guess.
  • If you can choose the resolution your camera shoots try to choose the highest resolution possible. The higher the resolution, the better the picture. OK, I got that but I see that the resolution make big size pictures. And for the web, I can’t upload those because it will take forever to download them and see them. I have to reduce the size, so why not to take them already at the right size? Again, I’ll need to figure that out.
  • If there are any lights in the room turn all of them on. That’s what I do most of the time. No problem here.
  • Shoot directly across the room, not up or down. That’s what I do as well, even if I read somewhere that I should be close to the floor to take a room picture. With a wide angle lens, I should have no problem.
  • Use a tripod if available to prevent any motion blur. I recently got a brand new one. Solid and more stable than my old one which is more than 15 years old!!
  • Wide angle shots usually look better to home buyers, however try to avoid the “fish bowl” look, as these will not work with virtual staging and can make the picture look awkward. I guess the fish bowl effect is when you use a really wide angle lens, like a half spherical lens. I know the difference and won’t go there.

The good thing is I can use those best Real Estate photographs in a empty property, as I deal a lot with foreclosures these days, and send them to the Real Estate virtual staging software people. They actually will get them back to me with furniture ! That gives a better feeling to the potential buyers as far as being able to see how the property can be furnished. Virtual Staging Solutions is the industry leader in Virtual Staging. They digitally and realistically place furniture into photos of vacant homes for sale. That helps to sell listings faster and for top dollar. All needed is to send them your photos. I will put some comparable photos myself here so you’ll be able to see the difference between my little camera and the Canon Rebel T2i I have.

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Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate | Do it yourself

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I wrote an article about virtual staging for Real Estate few months back, using a virtual staging software. I was explaining the advantages of using a software to stage an empty home instead of renting furniture to stage it, which is more expensive.

Today, I did receive some updates from the company doing the software (Virtual Staging Solutions) and they have added a few more options that can greatly help to generate a very nice layout. The best use in my opinion is to vitually stage your empty listings, get the results on your website and let the buyer’s agents where to go to see how nice the property can be once furnished! It will bring a clear idea of the transition from a house to a home in your buyer’s eyes. It can be the difference between losing your time showing a property and an offer! Your vacant listings will sell faster.

The first new feature is the choice of furniture available. They said on their website that they were working for more than a year with designers in order to bring the brands of furniture available in stores! So you will be able to browse a furniture gallery.

Secondly, they have worked on a personalized way to have your documents out there. They have especially developed those pages for the mobile use. So, your virtual staging listings will be ready to be seen on all mobile devices out there, which is very convenient knowing that it’s easier to bring a cellphone or an iPad with you instead of a laptop.

And last but not least, your presentation of your virtual staging will be in video mode instead of just plain pictures. Today, the video is almost the next big thing.  People are leaving the world of blogging to enter the world of vlogging!

I had an email the other day, asking me questions about the virtual staging software. But honestly, since I’m not involved with this company, it’s probably better to ask directly to them. They website is . They have a help sections where your can find email address, phone number and a bunch of frequently asked questions. They offer several plans from $197, which is most likely much cheaper than renting furniture to furnished a living room, a family room and 2 or 3 bedrooms!

For more details, visit their website at and get your empty listings sold fast :-)

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Fraud with a Smartphone

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The Florida Land Title Association recently reported an incident to its members where a title agent fell victim to a fraud scheme involving a Smartphone and a new app that allows a check to be deposited by using the Smartphone’s camera to take a picture of the front and back of the check.

A couple was issued a check for closing proceeds. They then left the agent’s office but returned several hours later and asked the agent to wire the proceeds instead. The agent took the check back, voided it (rather than stopping payment on it) and wired the proceeds to the couple’s account. The agent did not realize that the couple had already deposited the check using a Smartphone, causing a shortage in the trust account. 

More and more banks, and even online payment sites like PayPal, offer downloadable applications for Smartphones that use the phone’s camera feature to take a picture of the front and back of a check and deposit it into the payee’s account. The real danger in this technology is there are no markings on the check indicating whether it has been processed because the image is only scanned and not run through a machine as it would have been had it been deposited at an ATM or with a bank teller.

The key to preventing such a scam is to protect your checks as if they were cash while they are in your office and also to refuse to exchange them for other forms of payment after they have left your office. Also, keep signed checks within your sight during the closing. Leaving signed checks on the closing table while you leave for a moment may allow a party to take a picture of the front and back of the check with a Smartphone and deposit it. Upon returning to the room, you might then be asked to wire the proceeds instead. This scam may not be caught until it is too late because the check will have been deposited without being removed from the closing room.

Please check with your title underwriter or the Florida Land Title Association for more information about fraud prevention related to closing transactions.

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What home buyers want in a Real Estate Agent.

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I read an write-up I got in my inbox this morning. It really is an fascinating thought about what buyers are searching for in a Cape Coral Real Estate agent. Here are the 5 points they were asking to explain.

1. Honesty and Credibility

Win them over using the truth!
When these buyers talked about honesty and credibility, it frequently came with anecdotes about recent bad experiences with realtors. The stories were about agents attempting to push them towards a far more costly purchase and a powerful dislike for the false sense of urgency they feel agents develop in relation to placing an supply on a residence. Buyers have expressed how difficult it’s to trust everyone in today’s actual estate market so it is much more important for agents to help them feel comfortable.

2. Region Familiarity

Do your neighborhood homework!
These buyers location a high importance on locating an agent who not just sells houses in a certain neighborhood, but also knows that neighborhood well. They want an agent who knows all about the schools, local parks, safety, restaurants and even the secret gems the neighborhood has to supply.

3. Great Follow By way of

You say it, you do it.
Throughout the conversation our buyers continuously verbalized their stress with brokers who didn’t do what they said. E-mail me, call me and send me the points you say you will. It seems like such a little factor to ask for. Do what you say, combine it with some honesty, and you’ll be an agent buyers feel comfy working with.

4. Organization

Maintain it in order.
You are honest, you know the area like the back of your hand, and you attempt your hardest to follow by way of but it is just so hard to help keep track of your to-do lists and return each and every telephone call. Buyers are expecting agents to be organized and put together. You’ll find a ton of tools available to help with this. (We adore Evernote!)

5. Good Listener

Everybody is distinctive. Treat them like it!
Users want an agent to listen to them having a blank mind. I heard phrases such as “pigeon hole”, “judge”, “they aren’t listening”, “tell me what I want”…etc. come up in our discussion. Users don’t want an agent to assume they will need A just since they hear B. They want an agent who listens to what they want and will ask as a lot of questions as necessary to truly understand who they’re and what they’re seeking.

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Is IDX working FOR you or AGAINST you?

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I love IDX. Not only it’s a tool I use daily but it looks like my IDX page is bringing more than decent traffic.
I have leads from it every week. I use it to get sellers calling me and I send buyers to use it for search.
It’s very effective. Maybe too much.

Regularly now, I have phone calls from agents. Basically, they call me saying their buyers were surfing the web, got to find my IDX page, made some search and called them with the property details. All they have to do is calling me for more details.
Obviously, my thought is, if you as an agent get to that position, you are not working properly for your clients.
I explain that’s IDX, I’m not necessarily the listing agent, and so on…
Now, some of them, once they get in touch with the real listing agent, they explain that their buyer found it advertised in another agent’s website. And this is when I got the listing’s agent phone call: “You advertise my listing without my authorization, I want you to remove it and I’m emailing your broker because you’re misleading the public saying you’re the listing agent”. That agent has been licensed since 2005, so she’s not new in the business, as I thought she had to be. Plus, we all know that IDX listings always show the famous “Courtesy of [Brokerage's name]“.

So, what gives?
Let’s say you do not what is IDX. Let’s suppose you never heard about it.
Don’t you want to have your listings to be seen in every single Real Estate websites for free? Don’t you want all and any kind of advertising for your listings out there, free of charge?

Of course, I explained that it’s not easy to just remove her listing alone. I sent her an email to apologize but also to explain the benefit of it. Hopefully she’ll get it. It looks to me that more and more agent are working part-time or not at all unless they find a buyer somewhere. Those, I guess, have little continued education and missing few important thing for their career.

Now, fellow Realtors, don’t even think about asking me permission to advertise my Cape Coral listings. Just go ahead. You have not only my authorization, but also my benediction to proceed. Use newspapers, internet, TV ads, put a sign on the moon, hire D. Trump to talk about it, spend millions of dollars to put a banner of my listing with your phone number on every cabs, every cruise ships, every aircrafts, in every cities in the world. Oh, and since you’re at it, try to make my listing in your IDX in bold or, even better, blinking, Las Vegas style. In short, just do it! Because at the end of the day, no matter how was your advertising, I’ll be paid!!

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QR codes for Real Estate

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You may not know but since ever, I’ve always been  fast to check new marketing ideas as they come out. And since I own, it’s always been a way to put those ideas online. That was the case when I heard about the QR codes about 2 years ago.

I read an article online about it and I know they are used for literally everything there. You walk in the street, pass by a restaurant and you can see a QR code on the wall, beside the door. You take a picture with you cellphone and you get the menu and pricing on your screen. It’s that simple.

Of course, sky’s the limit. You can find those code on T-shirt, coffee mugs, and any sales materials available, including  Real Estate flyers or business cards.

Let me give you some tips to use them in your Real Estate career.

1) First get that application for your smart phone. They are almost all free to download and free to use. They are all available to use on any smart phone. You’ll be able to find a dozen of them just by Googleling QR codes app :-)

Then, create your own QR code for whatever you need, whatever it is a phone number, an email or a site. Personally, I use to make them and print them, or copy the image from it.

2) Secondly, just insert them in every piece of marketing you want to have. Have your site URL QR code on your flyers and business cards. Print the URL of a particular listing you have and show it on your yard sign. That will allow potential buyer who pass by to have the pictures of the inside and your information on the spot!

3) And third, I have experienced a lot of interest about those QR codes from potential clients. They ask questions and when they get the full picture of it, it become a huge listing tool. They see you as an “tech savvy and advanced” Real Estate agent. You will get the attention of  higher end sellers, people who are more into new technologies. Those usually owns higher priced properties.

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Get a vlog and begin vlogging instead of blogging

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The thing is, marketing experts, internet gurus, marketing specialists and tech consultants have all predicted that films within the net are the subsequent large wave that’ll reshape the world wide web landscape. You may believe it already has with YouTube, but in actuality, there exists still so much a lot more to come.

It is possible to see new campaigns from clothing brands like Diesel where their on the internet videos act as a catalogue. Their online video, which is often noticed about the official Diesel web site, quickly halts any time your mouse cursor hovers around it. At the same time, it also reveals far more details with the clothing becoming shown by their actors at that incredibly moment.

Another new approach to use video tutorials online may be witnessed with Adidas as they integrate brand-new shoes with games on their web page. You may use your shoe as a gun or some sort of other device on their site. This brings a extra interactive utilization of one’s new footwear.

A lot more than that, video tutorials online merely give customers yet another outlet to require in their media. It can complement the photographs you’ve taken and articles you’ve written. I mean, let’s face it, far more individuals would rather look at a movie than read a book. So videos on-line are no doubt an simpler and more attractive technique to consume on the web media. Moreover, I’ve no doubt that there exists a have to have inside marketplace for this.

What I’m attempting to say is that there’s a gap inside the marketplace that needs to become filled. You may be that subsequent site with hundreds of thousands of followers. You can be that upcoming video clip weblog that can catch the attention of publishers.

The top bloggers of nowadays are media powerhouses of their very own. They get paid to promote and advertise. These influential bloggers even get a lot more viewers than some magazines do.
So let me give you some advice right now: there aren’t plenty of video clip blogs out there yet. Get started and your picture website may very well be that outlet you need to be the next World-wide-web superstar.

Everyone who has taken a take a look at YouTube within the previous year will have surely noticed the sheer number of movie bloggers. They call themselves vloggers although giving the viewer the rundown on their day-to-day. In this video modifying tutorial, you may learn the basics of vlogging.

By default, vlogs tend to become extremely informal videos. They are generally shot on cameras like the Flip and even on cell phones. For this reason, enhancing these films is not really involved. In reality, a lot of folks won’t edit their vlogs at all since they’re supposed to be quite candid and open with their viewers in these video clips. They consider that editing degrades and also takes away this genuineness. This makes vlogging both simple and accessible to a great multitude of people today.

The 1st step to vlogging entails having something to say. No one wants to sit and view you inform the photographic camera that you just sat at house all day. You completely is not going to have any repeat viewers in the event you don’t speak or do anything fascinating. This being stated, give your movies a purpose. Inform men and women about your new niece or nephew. Tell them about your secret love of underwater basket weaving. Inform them something. You’d be surprised at the sort of details people today are interested in.

Once you’ve some thing to talk about, you are going to will need a camera and a strategy to publish your video. As far as the photographic camera is concerned, it is critical to have a thing that produces decent top quality video. A great deal of people today will use their iPhones and other cell phones, and you can find quite a few cameras within the market that are under the $200 mark. Whatever you pick, it ought to be portable mainly because people today will only look at your bedroom wall for so extended. Bring your vlogs with you once you go to the mall and if you go to a friend’s house. Ideally, you’d require this camera everywhere. This way, you are going to usually have it when the mood strikes you to create a video clip.

Now that you just have picture, you’ll need to upload it. Nonetheless, the initial couple vlogs you make will in all probability be pretty poor due to a lack of comfort in front of the photographic camera. There will likely be a lot of time if you are saying “um” and “uh.” Don’t be concerned! You may have possibilities. You can upload the video as is, watching your self enhance as you make more and more video tutorials, OR it is possible to edit these out in a simple program like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Should you pick to take the modifying route, it truly is certainly a great notion to trim your videos down as nicely. Most vlogs ought to be anywhere from two to five minutes extended. If you are pushing ten minutes, you ought to require a appear and cut out some from the less vital parts.

When your online video is finally on the web, give by yourself a pat about the back because it will probably be a even though ahead of anybody else does. Unless you already have a thriving base of viewers, your vlogs won’t obtain as well quite a few views initially. You are going to also encounter the “trolls,” which are men and women that comment on video clips saying issues like, “fake.” As I mentioned just before, don’t worry! This is really a part of gaining success. It may take a number of video clips prior to you start acquiring views, and as a lot more individuals look at your videos, much more people will post rotten comments. That is certainly just the way details are, but you can’t let it stop you from producing much more films.

In just the past few years, technology has advanced so rapidly. Not merely does everyone now possess a cell phone but now it’s incorporated in every single cellphone is the capacity to acquire images and movie. Whenever there is certainly a major information story, video nearly immediately is made available and generally the online video from the public commonly hits the web before actual information sources are able to. Not merely that, but the news sources commonly grab movie from the world wide web to instantly use about the news cast even though they wait for their own information teams to get the footage prepared.

Video Blogs are also recognized as vlogs. Just like it sounds like, Vvogs are just like blogs but as opposed to textual content, individuals use video to share their opinion with their readers and also the rest of the world. As you are able to imagine Vlogs have loads of advantages through textual content blogging. First, video clip is much more appealing then textual content. It requires extremely little effort for the subscriber to acquire it. Plus, the possible of excitement around a online video blog is commonly a fantastic deal higher then your typical text weblog.

You’ll find some disadvantages that vlog providers should deal with as well. As an example, films need a ton a lot more server space. Also, uploading a picture could acquire plenty of time as effectively depending on your bandwidth. It could possibly take 20 to 60 minutes just to upload one particular vlog. Also, depending to the load times of one’s videos, your viewers may well turn into impatient and move on.

In regards to marketing, it’s fairly uncomplicated to turn a profit through utilizing your Picture Web site. Promotion may perhaps be used in your internet site that provides the movie or you’ll be able to also embed the marketing within the video. You’ll be able to start with Google AdSense and as your audience grows, swap through to an promotion media that is certainly a bit a lot more lucrative like selling banner space from your web page.

Although you may possibly not be able to retire on proceeds from your 1st Movie Blogging endeavor, you could possibly have the ability to generate some additional money for a vacation or even your up coming internet site project.

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How to Deal With Duplicate Content and Articles Submission Sites

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As a Real Estate agent, I use to write my own articles about Real Estate in my area, including market news, sales analysis and anything that can be beneficial to my local clients.

I learned that unique content is a must for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. They use to index your article’s page well, generating organic traffic to your site.
So far, so good.

However, I also use to re-write those articles of mine and submit them to several articles websites, like, and a couple of others.
Yesterday, one of my article submitted to was not accepted. The reason given was: “Your article was found published elsewhere without attributing you as the author”
So two options here: or there is a human behind reviewers and he or she most likely googled my article and found it on one of my 65 websites, creating a glitch right there, or
reviewing articles is made by a software and again, there is a glitch.

Again, I try to re-write them, in order to avoid duplicate content to the reviewers. For instance, this very article you are reading right now had been posted on one of my site. Does knows the site: most likely not. Therefore, if they’re doing their job correctly, this article will never see daylight on ezinearticle. And if it is published, they do not know who is the real author. Simple as that.

It seems the case as well with where I cannot get into my account anymore. I sent an email to them and see if there is a problem in my side or if I have been banned for duplicating my own articles.

One thing is clear though. Those articles directories reviewers are not really smart. And it shows. There is a good half-dozen way to verify if an article belong to someone, even if it appears the same on several websites. After all, if Google is not craving for duplicate articles, it’s only your own problem, the article owner.
Plus, there might be a conflict with Really Simple Syndication. It has been invented to retrieve somebody’s else content or article on your own website, making it duplicate.
It’s not a major deal at the first place but think about it, if your “little” site syndicate your article to an authority website, Google could believe that the authority site has the uniqueness of the content and you actually duplicated it!

Well,to make it short, there are still some thoughts for food about original duplicated content. Let’s just hope that articles websites reviewers get some common sense in the future, if not some intelligence.

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The use of QR codes in the Real Estate

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In today’s World wide web world of cellular phones, text communications, as well as fast texting, it’s no wonder yet an additional device is growing, the QR Code. Obviously, it would stand for “Quick Response.” Everything is about fast data these days, plus the QR Code for true estate is no exception.

Any person with a smartphone that has the QR code reader computer software installed could capture a picture of that image and they might be taken for the web page for that code.

Describing it a bit much better, you’ll need to have a web-enabled cellphone. That’s becoming much much more widespread nowadays. There might be even much more soon, as the cell providers are upgrading their networks and offering net access at lower rates. Once you’ve the software program on the mobile phone, you’ll be able to shoot a picture of those qr codes wherever you see them. They’re appearing in print ads, on brochures and numerous other places. When you scan a single, you’re taken for the web page the marketer wants you to determine. Of course, it is going to be improved for viewing on a cell phone.

There are already several retail companies which use qr codes to direct clothing buyers to a internet site optimized for taking clothing orders from cell phones. That is fun, but how can we use this instrument in actual estate? Follow via to the subsequent page to see how these codes are already being used in authentic estate.

We’re not looking at the future right here. These are actual businesses doing innovative advertising with qr codes.

Personally, I print a QR code of my listing and put it on that specific property rider. Possible buyers stopping by can use their smartphone, take an image of the QR code and they’re redirected for the webpage I did for that incredibly same house. They get all of the inside pictures and all of the details without to get in, which is safer for the sellers, and so they can contact me directly from that webpage if they have more questions about it. All of my Cape Coral Authentic Estate properties have their quite own QR code.

The beauty of these yard indicators is the “cool factor” plus the ease with which a prospect can get to a internet site with color photos and full detail facts about a itemizing. But, there’s an additional advantage at the same time. You don’t need to post the sign at the house. You may spot a single of these QR code image signs anywhere. Perhaps there may be a local property show, and there may be a booth for swimming pools. You place one of those near that booth. Your listing gets targeted visitors!

Put in your marketing cap and think about the possible here. The number of phones that are capable of making use of the codes will increase significantly inside the next year or so. Get your plan together now, and you could possibly be seeing targeted site visitors to your custom listing sites from these codes. Remember, you are able to have a code for your personal web page as well, placing it on your business cards and in additional promotions.

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