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I have a certain number of phone calls from out of state potential buyers. They’re looking online for Cape Coral properties and usually, they can see low price homes that look very nice. When I check them, most of them have defective drywall. And most of those buyers have a vague idea of what is defective drywall, most commonly called chinese drywall.

Most of the time I can explain the issue, but recently, I was showing few properties and came across a home showing the effects of the chinese drywall. I took the opportunity to shoot a few photos. A picture worth a 1,000 words :-)

The next 3 pictures show the 2 copper water pipes underneath the kitchen sink. The corrosion of metal in general and copper in particular due to the defective drywall shows a black substance on the copper. The first pictures is the actual 2 pieces of copper. On the second one, you can see my finger is clean while on the 3rd picture, I touched the pipe and got that black substance on my finger.

chinese drywall copper pipes

chinese drywall black substance on copper

chinese drywall black substance on copper pipes

The next pictures is the lightning fixture in one bathroom. You can see how the metal coat is pealing badly due to the defective drywall.
chinese drywall effect on bathroom lightning fixture

You can also see the effects of the chinese drywall on the silver behind mirrors. I try to catch a few pictures of mirrors where the silver is pealing behind, showing a kind of black stain.

chinese drywall effects on mirrors

chinese drywall on mirrors
defective drywall effects on mirrors

Here is a picture of an electrical outlet where you can see the screws all blackened and any part of copper wiring out the plastic cover is balck as well.
chinese drywall effect on electrical outlet

Another picture where you can see the metal is pealing.

chinese drywall effects

Of course, I’m only a Real Estate agent. For confirmation of what can do chinese drywall, you should talk to a drywall specialist. He or she will be much more qualified to explain the effects of chinese drywall.

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