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I wrote an article about virtual staging for Real Estate few months back, using a virtual staging software. I was explaining the advantages of using a software to stage an empty home instead of renting furniture to stage it, which is more expensive.

Today, I did receive some updates from the company doing the software (Virtual Staging Solutions) and they have added a few more options that can greatly help to generate a very nice layout. The best use in my opinion is to vitually stage your empty listings, get the results on your website and let the buyer’s agents where to go to see how nice the property can be once furnished! It will bring a clear idea of the transition from a house to a home in your buyer’s eyes. It can be the difference between losing your time showing a property and an offer! Your vacant listings will sell faster.

The first new feature is the choice of furniture available. They said on their website that they were working for more than a year with designers in order to bring the brands of furniture available in stores! So you will be able to browse a furniture gallery.

Secondly, they have worked on a personalized way to have your documents out there. They have especially developed those pages for the mobile use. So, your virtual staging listings will be ready to be seen on all mobile devices out there, which is very convenient knowing that it’s easier to bring a cellphone or an iPad with you instead of a laptop.

And last but not least, your presentation of your virtual staging will be in video mode instead of just plain pictures. Today, the video is almost the next big thing.  People are leaving the world of blogging to enter the world of vlogging!

I had an email the other day, asking me questions about the virtual staging software. But honestly, since I’m not involved with this company, it’s probably better to ask directly to them. They website is . They have a help sections where your can find email address, phone number and a bunch of frequently asked questions. They offer several plans from $197, which is most likely much cheaper than renting furniture to furnished a living room, a family room and 2 or 3 bedrooms!

For more details, visit their website at and get your empty listings sold fast :-)

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Virtual staging anyone?

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As we all may know, there are a high percentage of foreclosure and vacant homes on the Cape Coral market these days. And I always come across buyers who have a hard time to like enough a vacant house to make an offer on it. Most of them do not have the vision of a particular property’s potential.

I know a solution of it is staging. This is becoming popular and well spread by several TV shows about this option. However, if staging a vacant house may provide a good return of the investment, what about low priced homes? It makes no sense to spend $3,000-$4,000 for staging a home that will bring $3,000-$4,000 of commission.

That’s how I came across a staging solution for those property, but in a virtual way!
Virtual Staging Solutions is a company selling a software where you just have to upload your listing’s pictures and ad the furniture yourself. Therefore, you can show the before and after pictures, giving a better idea of the property’s potential to any buyers. It can be viewed online or you can put it on a CD as well.
You can send them your pictures and they will stage them within 3 -5 business days.
They have a slideshow on their website where you can see an example of virtual staging. The software cost $197 as of today. Think about it. You can use it over and over and will most probably get your money back quite fast. I use this software myself and I’m very pleased with it but I’m not selling it in any way. I’m not the owner nor I work there. I’m only a Real Estate agent.

So get your vacant listings virtually staged and bring your laptop with you!
Visit their website for more details:

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