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As a Real Estate agent, I use to write my own articles about Real Estate in my area, including market news, sales analysis and anything that can be beneficial to my local clients.

I learned that unique content is a must for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. They use to index your article’s page well, generating organic traffic to your site.
So far, so good.

However, I also use to re-write those articles of mine and submit them to several articles websites, like, and a couple of others.
Yesterday, one of my article submitted to was not accepted. The reason given was: “Your article was found published elsewhere without attributing you as the author”
So two options here: or there is a human behind reviewers and he or she most likely googled my article and found it on one of my 65 websites, creating a glitch right there, or
reviewing articles is made by a software and again, there is a glitch.

Again, I try to re-write them, in order to avoid duplicate content to the reviewers. For instance, this very article you are reading right now had been posted on one of my site. Does knows the site: most likely not. Therefore, if they’re doing their job correctly, this article will never see daylight on ezinearticle. And if it is published, they do not know who is the real author. Simple as that.

It seems the case as well with where I cannot get into my account anymore. I sent an email to them and see if there is a problem in my side or if I have been banned for duplicating my own articles.

One thing is clear though. Those articles directories reviewers are not really smart. And it shows. There is a good half-dozen way to verify if an article belong to someone, even if it appears the same on several websites. After all, if Google is not craving for duplicate articles, it’s only your own problem, the article owner.
Plus, there might be a conflict with Really Simple Syndication. It has been invented to retrieve somebody’s else content or article on your own website, making it duplicate.
It’s not a major deal at the first place but think about it, if your “little” site syndicate your article to an authority website, Google could believe that the authority site has the uniqueness of the content and you actually duplicated it!

Well,to make it short, there are still some thoughts for food about original duplicated content. Let’s just hope that articles websites reviewers get some common sense in the future, if not some intelligence.

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