Future convention center in Cape Coral

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If it is up to a small group of citizens, a convention center in Cape Coral could become a reality in the not so distant future.

I read an article online the other day and it was said that Councilman Chris Chulakes-Leetz spoke of working with a group of citizens to present a proposal to construct a convention center in Cape Coral. Last week the group unveiled its plan to a group of citizens and business leaders at City Hall.

The brainchild of Cape Coral resident, Martin Brady, the group announced the idea of the Cape Coral housing a 16,000 to 18,000 convention center and entertainment complex in the city, “Anything you can do outdoors and anything that can be done outdoors can be done at the complex we are imagining,” said Chulakes-Leetz.

The group says the area of land in North Cape Coral known as Academic Village would be the perfect spot for such a venue. Academic Village is located on 170 acres of city owned property at the corner of Del Prado Boulevard and Kismet Parkway. The area was in the spotlight in 2010 as the proposed location for the failed Swim Center.

Brady, a retired firefighter from Philadelphia, moved to Cape Coral in 2005 and began working for the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. During this time he realized the city was missing something in his opinion, “As I drove around I realized this city has a lot of parks. Everything here was planned around children and young adults. There was nothing for adults.”

It wasn’t until Brady and a few friends attended a boat show at the Harborside Convention Center in Fort Myers that he realized what Cape Coral truly needed, “We went to the boat show and had to park a mile and a half away from the venue and had to be shuttled in, making numerous stops on the way. Another thing I noticed was they basically closed all the streets in downtown Fort Myers for the show and upsetting many local business owners doing so. I thought North Cape Coral has a vast amount of land and would be a perfect location to host these types of events and conventions.”

During this same time, the city began discussions with a private company regarding the idea of building a Swim Center in North Cape Coral. Brady said he decided to wait and see what happened with the swim center before moving ahead with presenting his idea of a convention center. Once the swim center was defeated, Brady began putting together his plan for the convention center.

Brady says he has spent the last 1.5 years working on the plan and feels the convention center would be a major economic boom to the city, “Do you know how many industries and companies have events and conventions throughout the year? The American Medical Association, the Boy Scouts, big trucking companies, any type of industry that is out there, anybody that sells anything, where do they go? They go to conventions.”

Brady also stated that when people attend conventions, it is not just the conventions they attend, but many of the surrounding businesses as well. Brady says because of this it would cause the need for such businesses as hotels, restaurants and other service oriented businesses.

Something Cape Coral resident Mike Kumbier, who has worked the last 27 years in the RV industry as a manufacturer’s representative completely agrees with, “A convention center like this would add a lot to the Cape. It would bring industry back into the Cape and put people to work. Really, that is what we need to see happen.”

According to a recent study conducted by the Convention Industry Council, the meetings industry was responsible for $263 billion in spending in 2009. The study also related 1.7 million jobs in the United States to the meetings industry.

Brady along with Chulakes-Leetz says the center will not only house conventions and other events, but it could also serve as an emergency evacuation center during times of disaster. Brady says school gyms are not made for housing people after a storm and the convention center could store ready to eat meals, have a 3,000 gallon water tanker available, air conditioning, first aid, cots, and everything else needed for creating a well equipped evacuation center. Brady also says by creating the evacuation center grants from state and federal government agencies could help offset the cost of construction on the convention center.

The city currently owns the land the proposed convention center would be built. Chulakes-Leetz says in order to finance the construction of the center it would have to be financed by bonds and hopefully federal and state funding, “This would be the citizens investing in their own city.”

Chulakes-Leetz said the city would retain ownership of both the center and the land and would outsource the running of the center to private companies. The revenue generated from events, souvenir and food sales would go back to paying the bonds off and once those are paid money generated from the center would become a revenue stream for the city.

In order to make the convention center a reality, Chulakes-Leetz says it would have to be something the citizens of Cape Coral actually want. Chulakes-Leetz said he would like to see a referendum on the initiative before 2013. The councilman says he has been in touch with the Lee County Elections office and said it would be possible to do a mail referendum to get a vote on the initiative.

Those in attendance seemed cautiously optimistic about the reality of Cape Coral getting its own convention center, “I think it is a great start. I would love to see something like a convention center come to the city of Cape Coral. Who wouldn’t? There is a long road to go, though,” said Cape Coral Construction Industry Association Executive Director Heather Mazurkiewicz.

Brady says the next steps will be to put together the framework and further define the overall vision of the project, “This is the shot in the arm this city needs. This will make Cape Coral a destination for thousands each year.”

The group says it plans to meet again at the end of October and the meeting will be open to the general public.

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Life of a Real Estate agent

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I know that the career of a true Real Estate professional is hard. Even though the public appears to assume we make a lot of money for incredibly little effort, WE know what our jobs entail, specifically if we produce a lot more than the average agent.

I, personally, have found that the far more effort I put into a listing the greater the chances it will promote more rapidly than one that comes on the market and sits there waiting for agents to develop and to show it…just like the saying: “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”, a home will market swifter if the listing agent does the subsequent with out fail:

1. Price tag it as close to your real promoting selling price as achievable.
2. maintain the property in the public eye as a result of open houses, advertising, Web exposure.
3. Make the local agents mindful in the property as typically as possible as a result of agent open houses.
4. Make certain your photographs are top notch quality and also professionally shot in many instances.

So, what’s the major deal you say? Why should we not knock ourselves out for our clients and customers?

We Really should! I am saying that we DO knock ourselves out and we still get to hear how the public makes the assumption that, via a fast calculation of taking 6% of a sale price “anyone can see that the legitimate estate agent makes a fortune!”.!..never realizing that we only get a portion with the whole point, or that 6% is becoming an issue of past as well!

I believe it is time that our task description becomes public knowledge; most people want to know what it can be that we do for our clientele! I’m willing to pull from my own personal experiences what our task description definitely is. I feel it may well do a real service for the individuals who’re perched on the edge of joining the ranks of true estate professionals—it might be the distinction between a massive disappointment for an individual looking for a new career along with a nicely prepared professional who KNOWS from the begin, just how significantly function is THE AGENTS Job DESCRIPTION truly involved in this profession.

* Prepare to live without an income when you initial begin out.
* Cold calls on interesting properties for any buyer
* Preparation for your day of showings
* organizing showings–phone calls to set up appointment’s
* Pricing research–comparable sales
* planning for at least 6 months of carrying the listing and all associated cost.
* Photograph new listing–email files to marketing
* Advertising proposals–presentations that are polished and competitive to the other agencies.
* Investigation zoning and setback restrictions.
* Create a collection of service people including builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, who’re accessible for consumers to use at the drop of a hat.
* Take the time to generate confident that new listings are clean and staged correctly for showings.
* Develop relationships with lawyers for the benefit of clients/customers.
* Travel to other cities for closings.
* Attend meetings on-sight for new construction sale.
* Attend informational seminars for much better preparation when working with clients/customers

Then you can find the EXTRAS.!.these are essential for one to develop into a top producer:

* Have been known to paint a fence, a bare, peeling wall, as well as to weed a side yard boarder garden.
* Prepare to speak to clients/customers at all times of day or night.
* Have added a de-humidifier to a wet basement.
* Have replaced a gasket in a leaky faucet.
* Have called an exterminator for your vacant residence and cleared out the mice that had moved in.
* Have taken photos, printed them up, labeled them and bound them for distribution for an Architectural Review Board meeting.
* Have waited in line at the Town Hall Creating Department for an hour to get survey/building envelope.
* Have made embarrassing cell phone call to someone telling them that the smells inside the home are overwhelming along with a a result I have had potential buyers leave the premises.
* Have had the late night cellphone call, in near hysterical tones asking,…no, begging me to go to the residence and turn off a faucet, or an oven in someones kitchen.
* Have had to endure verbal abuse and criticisms from a sellers wife after not closing the blinds in 1 of the bedrooms–when it was the housekeeper who forgot to complete it.
* Counsel owners when they’re losing their properties.
* Counsel new customers when they produce “Buyers Remorse”
* Turn out to be the middle man (woman) for your couple going by means of a divorce–keeping the peace.
* Needed to council a homeowner in an episode with his neighbor who laid claim to part with the owners land (adverse possession).

IT’S Hard Work!

Very well, as I am writing this I’m realizing that much more than half of what we do as legitimate estate agents has to complete with the “psychology” of purchasing and selling real property.It is vital to understand this simply because we can not market houses to human beings with out an emotional connection; we Must relate to our following–Seth Godin calls our subsequent TRIBES. The connection we have with our TRIBE outcomes in how successful we are…or not. To be able to make funds in this profession, we have to operate harder than we have ever worked in any other job!…and we ought to be as involved with our clients/customers as civility permits!

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10 Short Sales questions and tips

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Here are 10 frequently asked short sales made questions which are incredibly useful especially if you are just getting started or contemplating quick sales as a means to acquiring pre-foreclosures.

1. What occurs on the seller’s credit rating when they permit an investor to short sell their property?

What typically takes place is the loan will show up as “paid” on their credit report; even so there will probably be a notation that says “settled for less than originally owed” or something along these lines. It’s additional favorable for a homeowner to small promote than to have a foreclosures on their credit report.

2. Where do you find investors for short sales?

Depending on where you live, you may see buyers who advertise with bandit signs or in your local newspaper. Call the investors directly and ask them if they’re experienced in performing short product sales and if they would be interested in working with you. Another good place is your nearby real estate investors club meeting.

3. Define a short sales?

A short selling is really a form of pre-foreclosure sale made and occurs when the mortgagee agrees to accept much less than the loan volume to avoid foreclosure. A negotiated short sale results inside a discounted buy price for the buyer. The buyer would finance the acquisition significantly the same as in any conventional realty acquisition.!. but devoid of the luxury of time.

4. Can an proprietor profit from a short sale?

The seller can’t profit (monetarily) from a pre-foreclosure short sale.!!! But you will find usually exceptions towards the rule.

5. How do bankruptcies affect the possibility of carrying out a short sale?

Most mortgagees won’t take into account a short sale if the house owner is in bankruptcy.!.why? Due to the fact negotiating a short sale made payoff is considered a collection activity. Collection activities are prohibited in bankruptcy.

6. Can somebody tell me what paperwork do I have to include inside a short sale package?

Documents depend on the lender. Each loan company has diverse requirements. It is typical to require hardship letter, buy and sales contract, ECOR, settlement statement (HUD 1), net sheet, pay stubs, bank statements, personal financial sheet (monthly budget), amongst other things.

7. What percentage of mortgage firms send somebody out for an appraisal on a achievable short sale?

All lenders order a BPO or full appraisal of the asset prior to making their decision to accept or reject the short purchase offer. This is there only way of assessing the worth of your home.

8. How late in the pre-foreclosure procedure can you begin a short sale?

Attempt to allow a window of at least 90 days to effectuate a mortgagee approved, pre-foreclosure Short Sale made.

9. What is a Due on Sale clause?

“Due on Sale” Clause (DOS) Provision inside a mortgage or deed of trust calling for the total payoff of your loan balance inside event of a selling or transfer of title towards the secured genuine asset. A contract provision which authorizes the loan provider, at its choice, to declare immediately due and payable sums secured by the lender’s security instrument upon a purchase of all or any part of the genuine home securing the loan devoid of the lender’s prior written consent.

For purposes of this definition, a sale or transfer indicates the conveyance of authentic house of any proper, title or interest therein, regardless of whether legal or equitable, regardless of whether voluntary or involuntary, by for deed, leasehold interest with a term greater than three years, lease-option contract or any other technique of conveyance of true home interests. Standard language which states that the mortgage must be paid when a house is sold.

10. Will banks enable a short sale when the owner has some or a beneficial sum of equity?

If a asset has what the financial institution would consider a substantial quantity of equity, chances are they would take into account allowing the asset to foreclose and then reselling it closer towards the retail value. Focus on homes that don’t have much equity. Your job will be to create the fairness in the home by negotiating a successful short sale made.

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Top mistakes to avoid to get your short sales approved and closed.

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Yes, these are the top mistakes to avoid in order to have your short sales approved and eventually closed as I experience them with my fellow agents who work with me on short sales.

~ Not submitting multiple offers.
My experience tells me that providing multiple offers to the lender has indeed helped to show that the agent is doing all he/she can do to get the home sold. The multiple offers will make the difference. However, the servicing lenders generally do not like them. There is a second benefit to it: if the selected buyer walks, there is another purchase contract that can carry the deal to close.

~ Not submitting a proposal.
Many short sale agents just send a complete short sale package. It is true that you must have complete documentation, but it is important to draft a full proposal, as well. Organizing your request to approve a short sale has often made the difference between success and failure with the agents.
Also, many agents still think that the servicing lender is the one who approves the short sale and that they can actually negotiate with that lender’s “negotiator”. However, most loan notes are actually owned by the SMI and either they, or an MI insurance carrier if they have paid off a claim, approve or reject the short sale.

~ Not communicating adequately with parties.
Buyers are patient to a limit. Same with Communicating cooperating agents. You may think about weekly updates to all parties, more often when things happen. You can put a password protected area in your website where buyers and all parties can review the updates. Buyers must be part of the process and be motivated to hang in there when approval takes a long time.

~ Hardship.
Not meeting the definition of “hardship”. Like a criminal case wherein each element of the criminal statute must be proved, in short sale cases the hardship letter and financial documents must prove each element necessary for a secondary market investor to render a finding of “hardship”, and approve the short sale. The hardship letter must contain certain elements, without which, the case will be rejected. Make sure to get it right in the first place because a second attempt will ruined the authenticity of the transaction.

~ The lender’s net.
That’s what will make a short sale go through or not at the end of the day. The most important reason that a short sale is not approved is not meeting the net to lender, calculating the minimum threshold percentage of the fair market value. In the past, secondary market investors utilized the short sale versus REO comparison analysis to approve or reject a short sale. However, almost all SMIs have changed over to the minimum threshold analysis. That analysis ignores the amount of the debt and focuses on proof of the current fair market value of the property. For different SMIs and even different products, there is a set minimum threshold percentage of the fair market value that must be received in order for the proposal to be approved. Many agents erroneously believe they are still using the old comparison analysis.

So, the bottom line is this:
If a proposal meets the definition of hardship and that hardship is supported by the financial documents, you do nothing to cause the servicing lender to tank the proposal, and the offer meets the net to lender minimum threshold percentage of the fair market value, the short sale will be approved and if a qualified buyer remains, the transaction will close.

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Short sales document: Short payoff offer & proposal letter

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This is the short payoff offer I use when I need to present the offer and the short sale package to the lender.
You can copy/paste it and use it as you wish.


Date: November 18, 2009
To: Amy Butler – Loss Mitigation Representative
Lender: Acme Bank
Loan Number: 011-12-1234
Borrower Name: John F. Doe
Property Address: 123 Main St. Miami, FL 33141
Auction Date: 1/ 12/2010


Dear Ms. Butler:

We are submitting for your review and subsequent approval, this comprehensive SHORT SALE
SUMMARY PACKAGE pursuant to our recent telephone conversation regarding the possibility of a discounted payoff on the aforementioned defaulted mortgage loan.

We are working very closely with your Borrower to facilitate a sale of the above referenced property. We have in fact entered into a purchase and sale contract (attached). I represent the Buyer and my clients are seeking to buy the property without the need for a mortgage contingency and subject only to your approval of this short sale proposal. Inspections have been completed. This sale requires and is only contingent upon your approval of the short sale offer subsequent to your approval of our request for a discounted payoff, we can close very quickly. We guarantee a cash based closing of the transaction within 5-10 days of acceptance of our offer.

We have been given complete authorization by the Borrower to discuss the mortgage loan that is presently in default that you are seeking to foreclose. We have again included a signed Letter of Authorization executed by the Borrower, which has been previously faxed to you.
Our contract offer to the Seller, Mr. John F. Doe, is $181,000.00 which will net your bank $168,000.00 after all closing costs and expenses which you can see on the Estimated HUD Statement attached hereto.

We understand that in order for our offer to be accepted that there may be additional due diligence which may need to be completed. Should a second Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) be necessary, or if one has never been completed, we urge you to have one completed and as we have control of the property we would like to meet with your representative to ensure a proper assessment of the scope of repairs of the subject property and a true and accurate appraisal of the estimated “AS-IS” value of the subject property.
In order to obtain the most accurate valuation, it is our belief that it is imperative that the interior of the house be viewed and that the BPO not be limited to a cursory drive-by viewing or desktop appraisal or automated valuation.

Loan Number: 011-12-1234
Borrower Name: John F. Doe
Property Address: 123 Main St.
Miami, FL 33141
Auction Date: 1/12/2010

We can provide interior access to the house to your representative and will meet with your
representative with 48 hours notice.
As an auction date is pending in the very near future, (January 12, 2010) we believe TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE in resolving this matter. We are prepared to close this transaction within 5-10 business days from receiving written notification of your acceptance of this offer or our acceptance of any counter offer that you may make in response to our offer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as necessary as we stand ready to
facilitate and expediting a short sale payoff on the aforementioned loan.


Your name

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