The use of QR codes in the Real Estate

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In today’s World wide web world of cellular phones, text communications, as well as fast texting, it’s no wonder yet an additional device is growing, the QR Code. Obviously, it would stand for “Quick Response.” Everything is about fast data these days, plus the QR Code for true estate is no exception.

Any person with a smartphone that has the QR code reader computer software installed could capture a picture of that image and they might be taken for the web page for that code.

Describing it a bit much better, you’ll need to have a web-enabled cellphone. That’s becoming much much more widespread nowadays. There might be even much more soon, as the cell providers are upgrading their networks and offering net access at lower rates. Once you’ve the software program on the mobile phone, you’ll be able to shoot a picture of those qr codes wherever you see them. They’re appearing in print ads, on brochures and numerous other places. When you scan a single, you’re taken for the web page the marketer wants you to determine. Of course, it is going to be improved for viewing on a cell phone.

There are already several retail companies which use qr codes to direct clothing buyers to a internet site optimized for taking clothing orders from cell phones. That is fun, but how can we use this instrument in actual estate? Follow via to the subsequent page to see how these codes are already being used in authentic estate.

We’re not looking at the future right here. These are actual businesses doing innovative advertising with qr codes.

Personally, I print a QR code of my listing and put it on that specific property rider. Possible buyers stopping by can use their smartphone, take an image of the QR code and they’re redirected for the webpage I did for that incredibly same house. They get all of the inside pictures and all of the details without to get in, which is safer for the sellers, and so they can contact me directly from that webpage if they have more questions about it. All of my Cape Coral Authentic Estate properties have their quite own QR code.

The beauty of these yard indicators is the “cool factor” plus the ease with which a prospect can get to a internet site with color photos and full detail facts about a itemizing. But, there’s an additional advantage at the same time. You don’t need to post the sign at the house. You may spot a single of these QR code image signs anywhere. Perhaps there may be a local property show, and there may be a booth for swimming pools. You place one of those near that booth. Your listing gets targeted visitors!

Put in your marketing cap and think about the possible here. The number of phones that are capable of making use of the codes will increase significantly inside the next year or so. Get your plan together now, and you could possibly be seeing targeted site visitors to your custom listing sites from these codes. Remember, you are able to have a code for your personal web page as well, placing it on your business cards and in additional promotions.

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QR codes and Real Estate

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When I  heard about the QR codes few months back, I was thinking about it for Real Estate.

How could I implement that technology to my day to day business? Well, I found some answers.

First, I put a QR code with my contact information on the back of my business cards.

Secondly, and most importantly, I use them for my listings. I use to make a web page in my website each time I have a new property listed. This include info, photos, Google map, virtual tour and movies.  And on my signs, I just put my website URL, the one for the homepage. So people could write it down, and when at home, check the property online.

Now, I create a QR code for that particular URL, print it on a board that I use on my yard signs. So, when someone has the QR application downloaded on their phone, they can take a picture of the QR code and go directly online to check all the inside pictures and information.

I had recently my first call coming directly from a potential buyer, right on the spot. So, it is slowly taking place but still little results so far.  I guess it need to be known widely, but at least, I have it now.

For those of you who did not know what is QR code all about, here is how it works:

  • Step One: create a QR code for the info you need, including URL.
  • Step Two: familiarize yourself with what phones are currently equipped . I personally use a iPhone 3Gs.
  • Step Three: print your new QR code on your marketing materials, including business cards, yard signs, car magnets, or even, if you think outside the box, napkins that you give for free to restaurants, back of groceries stores receipts, etc…

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