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I came across an article about Real Estate photography. And this is something I definitely need to be honest. My photos are taken with a small camera that I can take anywhere with me because of the size of it. It’s not a bad camera since its resolution is 12 megapixels but the photographer – myself! – is not that good.

When I compared those article’s pictures and mine, there is a world of difference. So I’m learning and will train myself for better shots. Here are a list of advices from professional photographers that I need to take in consideration:

  • Take the picture from the corner of the room. That’s usually what I do because I want to most space to be seen on the picture. But as they say, my little camera is a camera for objects and not really made for shooting the space of a room. So I need to use a wide angle lens to do so.
  • Avoid having bright lights or windows near the center of the picture. I can’t help it with my little camera. I always have a bright window in the middle of my picture. Again, a wide angle lens should give me more walls to cover the picture.
  • Set your camera to take the brightest and “cleanest” pictures. Honestly, I will have to test this. I remember I took the brightest pictures and the results was not so good. So testing and practice is key here I guess.
  • If you can choose the resolution your camera shoots try to choose the highest resolution possible. The higher the resolution, the better the picture. OK, I got that but I see that the resolution make big size pictures. And for the web, I can’t upload those because it will take forever to download them and see them. I have to reduce the size, so why not to take them already at the right size? Again, I’ll need to figure that out.
  • If there are any lights in the room turn all of them on. That’s what I do most of the time. No problem here.
  • Shoot directly across the room, not up or down. That’s what I do as well, even if I read somewhere that I should be close to the floor to take a room picture. With a wide angle lens, I should have no problem.
  • Use a tripod if available to prevent any motion blur. I recently got a brand new one. Solid and more stable than my old one which is more than 15 years old!!
  • Wide angle shots usually look better to home buyers, however try to avoid the “fish bowl” look, as these will not work with virtual staging and can make the picture look awkward. I guess the fish bowl effect is when you use a really wide angle lens, like a half spherical lens. I know the difference and won’t go there.

The good thing is I can use those best Real Estate photographs in a empty property, as I deal a lot with foreclosures these days, and send them to the Real Estate virtual staging software people. They actually will get them back to me with furniture ! That gives a better feeling to the potential buyers as far as being able to see how the property can be furnished. Virtual Staging Solutions is the industry leader in Virtual Staging. They digitally and realistically place furniture into photos of vacant homes for sale. That helps to sell listings faster and for top dollar. All needed is to send them your photos. I will put some comparable photos myself here so you’ll be able to see the difference between my little camera and the Canon Rebel T2i I have.

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