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virtual staging software

virtual staging software

As a real estate investor, there are several important factors you have to bear in mind when you are planning to improve your business. The most important of these is the best marketing strategy for your investment. In the past, real estate investors relied on some very ineffective methods to market their property. However, today the process has changed with more effective marketing methods emerging everyday. The latest property marketing concept is virtual staging. This process heavily relies on the internet to reach out to the ever-growing online community. Therefore if you have plans of venturing into the lucrative industry of property investment, then you have to learn one or two things about virtual staging.

Let’s face it, it’s way cheaper to stage an empty home using a virtual staging software like this one than renting all the furniture. You can save it on a CD-Rom and give them to your clients and potential buyers.

For starters, you cannot expect your property to sell if it is not easily accessible to your potential buyers. That is why you need effective marketing strategies such as virtual staging to make the property known to the largest number of target buyers. The good thing about virtual staging is that it makes it easier for you to make potential buyers aware of your property. Virtual staging is better than the traditional home staging methods since it does away with the unnecessary expenses incurred in the traditional staging processes. For instance, with virtual staging you do not have to rent furniture for staging because your virtual staging expert will incorporate high quality furniture in the photos of your empty property. What is more, these experts know how to design their photos so that they can look 100 percent real. Most virtual staging companies today use high-end programs to design their images, allowing you to make your house look exceptionally stunning. Consequently, you will have a chance to make the most out of your investment. Remember, most home buyers are interested in homes that promise them luxury and comfort.

Virtual staging makes for great promotion collateral. It is not wise to waste money producing brochures with pictures of an empty property. Virtual staging services will help you make your property look attractive and valuable without any additional cost. Virtually staged homes will always look appealing to the buyer, giving you a chance to sell your property faster and make more profit. Also, virtual staging gives you the liberty to be as creative as you can be in designing your property for promotion. It is very easy to incorporate expensive features in your property so as to entice the buyer.

Obviously, another noteworthy point about virtual staging is the speed with which it allows you to sell your property. The way you promote your property highly determines how fast it will sell. Online virtual staging exposes the property to numerous buyers from different parts of the world, making it easier for you to sell. With virtual staging services, you will be able to create the best impression without incurring extra expenses present in traditional staging methods. Virtual staging is also available for rental properties. You can make your rental properties look expensive by hiring the best virtual staging expert.

Looking for a staging solutions without spending big bucks? Make sure to check this virtual staging solution which a perfect DIY for novice like me.

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About Low Ball offers for a Cape Coral Property

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The basic of a Real Estate transaction is obviously a seller willing to sell to a buyer willing to buy. Once you have those terms agreed upon, you are half way to closing.

But if the seller have to settle for a low ball offer from a buyer, everyone involved in the deal may lose time and money. This is where a clever agent can use valuable skills to negotiate the deal and make it happen all the way to the closing.

One thing I use to do is really showing the temperature of the market to¬† my buyers. I think it is important that they acknowledge how the today’s Real Estate market in Cape Coral is reacting to. I compare sold pricing instead of listed pricing, and this can be valuable to sellers as well in order to ask the right price instead of waiting an offer forever. Once my buyer understand the market, of course, it is ultimately their decision on what to put in their offer. But at least they know the potential result.

Also, I like to compare what’s comparable. I recently visited a seller. It was a “by owner” and his price was close enough to what the neighborhood was asking for. However, the features of his home were very different and a realistic price should be much lower. That’s why it’s still for sale with no showing today, after months on the market. So, I show only similar features home for comparing and make a wise decision about the offering price.

Low ball offers usually waste buyers’ time. And that time is valuable. If a buyer is offering low ball offers on 20 properties and getting denied each time, offering a decent price at the first one would most likely had given equity by now to that buyer. Not only he had money in the property, but he is an owner instead of nothing, hoping for “the best deal” to happen. Make low ball offers if you don’t need to buy, not if you are looking for a roof to live under.

Now, if you see a property bought around 2005-2007, when the Real Estate was at peak, chances are the seller is selling at lost. He knows that and it is already difficult for him. Showing a low ball offer right there is to shoot yourself in the foot. This is something I have the need to emphasize for the health of a transaction. Sellers are people with families they have to take care of, not just a number. Ultimately, again, my buyers have the last decision about their offer.

Low ball offer

Low ball offer

But let me tell you something that happened in the last few months when a buyer from Pennsylvania emailed me asking for a “good deal” foreclosure. I had several of them and even if I explained that the market is bouncing back, often with multiple offers, this buyer wanted to get a bargain in a location where everything was dirt cheap.

I found a nice pool home located in the SE of Cape Coral with access to the gulf of Mexico. It was a foreclosure well priced at $179,900. He told me he would pay that price when he saw the other similar sold properties I sent to him. But he wanted to “grab a deal” and he made an offer at $150,000, hoping a counter offer in the mid $160K from the bank. The scenario I told him just happened. They was a counter offer, but to another buyer who offered $175,000 and who ultimately close on that property. At this time, there is no more gulf access pool home in SE cape under $200K. No need to say the buyer made an easy $25K equity in one month. My buyer? He closed on a lovely property with a nice pool for $195,250. He does not have access to the gulf of Mexico. He’s on a fresh water canal. He knows he missed it.

So, if you are thinking of low ball offers, just know what to expect. And don’t make me wrong, I make low ball offers myself time to time, but I don’t have to buy. If I close it, great. If not, oh well, next…Not a big deal :-)

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