Cape Coral is the highest rising home prices

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The very serious Real Estate section of Yahoo has brought something very interesting a couple of months ago, and a very good news for people who bought a home in Cape Coral in the past 12 months. And not only in the Cape Coral real estate but also all around, like Lehigh Acres or Fort Myers. The good news is that Cape Coral is the highest rising home prices in the U.S.!

Price differences show an increase of 12.1% for the last 12 months far ahead from Bridgeport-Stamford in Connecticut, but with still a median price of$100,000 for a typical 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms house. But the number of foreclosure is still important with 1 foreclosure for every 92 homes. That alone will probably decrease the price rise into the single digit. It will remain steady in my opinion though because the median price is still the lowest nationwide, but steady because more and more people see a perfect place to retire when they think about the sunshine state.

Cape Coral italian style foreclosure for sale

Cape Coral italian style foreclosure for sale

The city of Cape Coral show only a 4 months’ supply of properties, which has to rise prices and demand. Lehigh Acres has only a 1 month’s supply and the rumor about how secure is the city is decreasing as well. People begin to realize that crimes in Lehigh Acres were made by A/C, pool and water system professionals in search of free parts by stealing A/C, pool equipment and water system equipment from abandoned foreclosed houses there. Those foreclosure having disappearing rapidly, those parts are no longer available and crimes rate has melted like snow under the sun.

So, this is an excellent news for our community and I really hope you bought within the last 12 months. If not, and if you still want to take the running fast train to real estate wealth, feel free to give me a call at 239-240-7346 or send me an email at

Here is the link to that Yahoo Real Estate article.

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Shrimp festival at Fort Myers Beach

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My wife and I were spending great quality time last week-end during the shrimp festival in Fort Myers Beach. We were with our 18 month old grand daughter and I think that was her first time she saw the beach and the water there.
The city was crowded with people and also with students who came down for spring break. The ambiance was hot and noisy :-)
At first, we were redirect to park on vacant lot before the bridge. The police closed down the bridge because of the parade. Of course, there was a guy taking advantage of tourist asking for 5 bucks for parking. He was maybe a neighbor trying some few quick bucks.
So we went crossing the bridge walking, which was OK, it’s not that long and you get nice view from the top of it. Once there, we were trapped in the middle of the parade. That was really nice. My wife got several pearl pendents, especially from those 6-pack firefighters dancing on their char :-)
Then we headed to the shrimp festival place where we ordered the $10 shrimp menu served for and by the lions club. We got some nice well cooked shrimps, and some were just huge, with some slaw. Bottle of water were at $1.
After a nice meal, we went to the pier. Our grand daughter could appreciate the water view and a couple of pelicans sleeping right there, on the spot where fishermen clean their catch of the day.Fort Myers Beach pelican The beach had quite a lot of beach bums that week-end. Not only because it is high season for vacationers, but also and mainly because of the nice weather we have here in winter. I took a picture of the beach to show you how it was. So, make sure to make plan for your next vacation here in Fort Myers Beach. You’ll be glad you did.Beach at Fort Myers Beach And you plan to buy a nice little home In Fort Myers Beach for your holidays and renting it in between your stays to help to pay the mortgage or the expenses, feel free to contact me through or by calling me at 239-240-7346.

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