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Thomas Equity Group has formed Thomas Equity Group Trust for purposes of managing investor funds. Thomas Equity Group is the Managing Member and guarantees the performance of Thomas Equity Group Trust.

Tier One Property Investor
Tier One Investors are those who wish to invest in Thomas Equity Group Trust for less than one year or less than $250,000.

Minimum Initial Investment $100,000
Minimum Terms 12 months
Interest Paid 0.74% / month
Tier Two Property Investor
Tier Two Investors are those who wish to invest in Thomas Equity Group Trust for more than one year or more than $250,000.

Minimum Initial Investment $250,000
Minimum Terms 24 months
Interest Paid 0.84% / month

All investments can be redeemed with two weeks notice but if cashed outside of the agreed terms will be distributed at a flat rate of 5% APR annually.

Thomas Equity Group Trust will purchase 3- to 5-bedroom, low-risk, single-family homes. No condos, town homes or land properties will be purchased for this program. All properties will be acquired in Lee County, including Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers.

As soon as these properties are remodeled they will then immediately be put up for sale with our residential resale department.

Targeted Profit: Our target is $10,000-$25,000 in gross profit per $100,000 invested in each transaction. Due to the process and time savings obtained, Thomas Equity Group’s brokers will give rebates towards all closing fees on property sales. Cost savings will also be realized from preferred rates in labor and materials. Projected time of resale will be 60-120 days.

Thomas Equity Group Guarantee
Properties not sold or under contract for sale within 120 days of purchase, or any property to be sold at less than the target price, will be acquired by Thomas Equity Group to guarantee the continuing profitability and performance of Thomas Equity Group Trust. Thomas Equity Group will continue to hold the property for sale or convert to rental as market conditions may indicate.

All investors are secured by their ownership interest in properties acquired by Thomas Equity Group Trust. These properties may be purchased with or without third party financing. When outside funds are used, any borrowing will not exceed 70% of the total cost of purchase and renovation thus maintaining a strong equity position for investors.

Here is an example of an investment opportunity, from start to finish:

  • A foreclosed, single family home valued at $150,000 after repairs is purchased for $75,000 at the courthouse or directly from the bank.
  • The home is remodeled at an average cost of $30,000, the title is cleaned and the property is quickly sold to homeowners or investors for approximately $135,000 at a discount to current retail market prices.
  • The same home may in turn be sold to another inside investor or listed through an authorized agent at the full market value, but we are more interested in getting the property sold as quickly as possible to minimize any market risks for our investors.
  • These homes are sold quickly on the retail market for a price that is under market value, with closing contributions added (10% to 15% under current market levels). Projected gross profit for each completed resale is $10,000 to $25,000 per transaction.
  • On a $100,000 investment at approximately 6 months for each transaction cycle, investors earn $12,000 to $15,000 in annual returns depending on level of investment.
  • Both levels of investors have a substantial profit spread to ensure the return on their investment and the group continues to grow through reinvestment of excess profits. This success is due to aggressive price leveraging and the ability to handle the entire process in-house, including acquisition, financing, remodeling, sales and title processing.
  • In all purchases, Thomas Equity Group as managing partner of Thomas Equity Trust along with associate investors share in the ownership of each property. We purchase single family homes within a $40,000 to $300,000 resale price range in pre-selected neighborhoods.